Water damage is the most common type of building damage and can range from a damp floor to a flood with several feet of water in a basement. It is important to begin the drying process immediately to avoid further structural damage and the potential for mold. We have invested substantially in state of the art water extractors, dehumidifiers and air movers to extract and evaporate the water as quickly as possible.  Many materials, solid wood in particular, can be dried and brought back to pre-damaged condition quickly with the correct drying processes. Some porous materials such as carpet pad, insulation, and drywall often need to be replaced.  Restoration of carpet is usually successful with proper drying techniques. We will do our best to get your home or office dried out and usable as quickly as possible. 

Our goals:

  • Respond to your call within the hour
  • Identify the source of water intrusion
  • Evaluate any safety or health concerns for the client.
  • Determine the best plan to protect contents and begin extracting water to mitigate further damage to property.
  • Use our state of the art equipment to begin drying the structure.
  • Document the loss to help ensure proper coverage with your insurance carrier.

Establish goals to dry the property so repairs can begin quickly.