Mold occurs when organic matter is wet and warm; mold is nature’s way of breaking down those materials, similar to leaves in the yard.  While mold can be harmful, if it is caught early, remediation can occur without causing further damage to the structure or presenting health hazards to the occupants. Northwest Disaster Services will come up with an appropriate remediation plan to correct your mold situation.  Our mold expert has a vast amount of knowledge and expertise regarding mold removal and remediation.  We will eliminate the problem quickly and thoroughly with no ongoing lingering effects.

Our goals:

  • Identify the source of moisture that is enabling mold growth
  • Build containment to minimize cross contaminating others areas of the structure.
  • Use state of the art air scrubbers to clean the air as work is performed inside the containment.
  • HEPA vacuum the moldy surfaces to capture spores in highly efficient vacuum filters.
  • Use antimicrobial cleaners and detergents to inhibit mold growth.
  • Provide a mold free environment when remediation is complete.