Fire damage can be substantial.  Northwest Disaster Services will secure the property and begin the cleanup on our initial visit. It is important to protect the property from weather and trespassers. After the initial mitigation of damage, we will then coordinate with our team to re-construct the damaged section of your property back to pre-damaged condition. Unfortunately with fire, there is usually additional smoke damage and water damage which requires restoration as well. Northwest Disaster Services will work with your insurance adjuster and get things corrected as efficiently and economically as possible.

Our goals:

  • Secure the property with temporary fencing and board up to keep trespassers out and protect from weather.
  • Address safety concerns by disconnecting the power and other utilities where needed.
  • Remove structural components that could potentially fall without warning, causing injury.
  • Work with a fire investigator where needed to determine cause of loss for your insurance claim.
  • Take photos and provide documentation for your insurance claim.
  • Provide temporary housing where needed if the structure is not inhabitable.



Smoke damage is collateral damage as a result of a fire. Sometimes a fire will do very little structural damage, but the property is full of smoke particles and odor. This is where smoke damage remediation is involved and imperative.  

We eliminate smoke and soot particles and the odors they cause by performing a thorough cleaning of the building surfaces, ductwork, and contents.

Our state of the art air filtration systems remove the odor of smoke.  Contents can be taken offsite to be cleaned and stored while the structure is being completed. Northwest Disaster Services will get your home or office operational as quickly as possible.

Our goals:

  • Protect contents from further damage of soot and smoke
  • Develop a plan to quickly clean and deodorize the structure.
  • Document and take photos for your insurance claim.
  • Secure the structure for owners and remove contents that will be needed right away.
  • Provide temporary housing where needed.